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Parenting expert Scott Steinberg is the creator of The Modern Parent’s Guide book series, host of popular video show Family Tech: Technology for Parents and Kids, and one of today’s most sought-after consultants, keynote speakers and expert witnesses. Hailed as a top voice for today’s high-tech generation by dozens of publications from USA Today to Forbes and NPR, he’s covered the field for 400+ outlets from The New York Times to Nickelodeon and Rolling Stone. He's also the resident toy tech expert for Sears Toy Shop, and an expert contributor to Kmart's Playdate Place website for parents.

A frequent on-air expert and analyst for all major TV networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CNN, Scott’s a syndicated business columnist as well who heads consulting firm TechSavvy Global. Beyond acting as a frequent keynote guest speaker and media commentator, he hosts several popular video shows including Tech Industry Insider, Gear Up and Game Theory. A proud parent and working professional, he claims he'll sleep when they start giving away a free lifetime supply of anxiety medication with each new child.

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Family Tech Video Series

Modern Parenting Made Simple

From smartphones and apps to online safety and social networks, today’s family is confronted by technology at every turn. Designed for both kids and parents alike, The Modern Parents Guide books and companion video series, Family Tech: Technology for Parents and Kids, make the digital world safe and fun for all. Join us as we reveal how to make high-tech a healthy part of household life.

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