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Tools for Keeping Kids, Your Family Safe On the Internet

A growing range of apps, software programs and widgets (downloadable bite-sized desktop applications) for PCs and smartphones let you block access to inappropriate online sites, shut out user access to the system during certain hours, or provide safeguards that allow kids to enjoy a positive online experience. You'll find just a few of the many possible options listed below.

Web Watcher - - Used by government and law enforcement agencies, WebWatcher allows parents to block websites and record online and offline activity - the program even monitors keystrokes and allows parents to read all IM and e-mail messages. WebWatcher also has a feature that allows parents to securely keep track of their children's activity, even on a different computer.

Guardian Family Monitor - - Guardian Family Monitor software lets families track just about everything done with a computer over the Internet. From e-mails to websites, downloads, keystrokes, chat rooms, instant messages and more, Guardian Family Monitor records all of this information and stores it for easy retrieval and analysis. The program additionally provides time-lapse video recording of the computer monitor.

IamBigBrother - - IamBigBrother is an online service that allows parents to examine everything that kids have done online. From websites viewed to messages sent, the digital monitoring solution further provides screen captures of e-mails if desired.

Net Nanny - - Net Nanny's Internet filter software protects kids from the things they don't need to see while still allowing them to freely search and browse online. With the parental control tools provided by this powerful filter, adults can rest easy knowing that their children's online experiences will be safe and inoffensive.

Cybersitter - - Cybersitter allows parents to completely customize the content that they want to block or allow, and also protects against accidental clicks on malware links. This program can record Facebook chats and posts as well.

Norton Online Family - - Rather than simply blocking sites, Norton Online Family encourages communication between parents and kids. This service helps grown-ups gain a better understanding of what children do online, so they can better protect and guide them. There's also an app associated with your Norton Online Family account, so you can check in on kids' activity while on the go.

Zoodles - - Zoodles is an app that provides kids with a safe environment of child-friendly games, videos and activities, and allows parents to monitor what they've been playing. Parents can set time limits and restrict access to certain games too.

Kidzui - - Kidzui is a standalone browser that's optimized for young kids. Every single site that's accessible in Kidzui has been reviewed and approved by Kidzui's editorial staff or advisory board. If you can access it in Kidzui, it means a real live person has reviewed it to make sure it's not inappropriate.

Mobicip - - Mobicip gives parents the ability to safeguard their children's mobile activities and devices. With three layers to its filtering technology, Mobicip does more than block website addresses... The software dynamically views the entire webpage to determine if there is offensive content, even on an allowed site, based on the parent's choice of one of three Mobicip-provided filtering levels.

K-9 - - K9 Web Protection is a free Internet filter and parental control option that allows users to block websites, force safe search, set time restrictions, configure custom allow or lock lists, view activity reports and more.

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